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Being a Best kiteboarding school is not a boast, it is a fact. Best Kiteboarding has endorsed our kiteboarding school and featured us on their travel destinations website as a "Premier Kiteboarding Destination". We use and recommend the Best Kites, Boards and other Kiteboarding Products. To learn more about the Best equipment that we use, go to our links page.
Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii
Best Premier School Destination: Maui Hawaii

Maui Sports Unlimited

Aloha!! Maui Sports Unlimited is Hawaii’s newest and only authorized Best Kiteboarding center, offering all levels of lessons, from beginner to advanced. Since 1999 MSU has offered a variety of watersports training programs to people of all ages and abilities. MSU teaches kiteboarding year-round with programs to suit kiteboarders from 7-70 years young. If you love kiteboarding with reliable winds and warm water, you must come to visit us at the best kiteboarding destination in the world.

About the Island

Maui is world famous for extreme sports. Rugged volcanic geography, strong trade winds and huge pacific swells make Maui an extreme athlete's paradise. Kitesurfing began on Maui over 15 years ago with pro athletes like Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, and Rush Randle, who were pushing the limits of wind powered watersports. The island of Maui, has always been one of the premier destinations for windsurfing. It spawned the sport of extreme tow-in surfing, and has also become the proving ground for many of the world's best kiteboarding professionals.

Maui is called the "Valley Isle." The large valley between the West Maui Mountains and Mount Haleakala creates a venturi effect that accelerates the wind speed to create year-round, side-onshore, 10-20 knot trade winds. The island of Maui has the best wind of all the islands in the state, and Maui is number one island for wind sports in Hawaii. Warm waters, beautiful sandy beaches and areas set aside solely for practicing kiteboarding makes Maui one of the foremost kiteboarding spots in the world. In the spring and summer, the most common kite sizes for local riders range from 6 to 12 meters.

There are several different areas where you can kite. The most popular is the western (downwind) end of Kanaha Beach Park (known as "Kite Beach"). Kihei, on the south shore, and the "west side" (above Lahaina) areas are also popular with intermediate to advanced kitesurfers.

Getting There

Kanaha Beach Maui (Kite Beach) is located right behind the Kahului airport. There are several airlines that fly direct to Maui from the mainland U.S. Most water sports enthusiasts will choose either South Shore (Kihei & Wailea) or North shore (Paia, Haiku) to stay close to the action. Wailea, in the south, has the best resort style hotels. Centrally located Kihei offers comfortable condo style accommodation close to shops and restaurants. The North Shore suits a more isolated laid-back style with "Ohana" (family) cottage-style accommodations. Call us or Send us an e-mail and let our travel department help you find the perfect Maui accommodation. Maui is ready and waiting to offer you the vacation of a lifetime.

Other Activities

Do it all - Maui Sports Unlimited also offers all levels of surf and windsurf lessons. Let our experienced instructors teach you Stand-up paddle-surfing, surfing or try some windsurfing. Our guides are experienced watermen who will take you to the best surf spots possible.

About Our Lessons

Maui Sports Unlimited has been teaching water sports for over 9 years. Maui Sports Unlimited offers a complete range of lessons from 1 day to 10 day training programs. We offer the latest Best kites and boards and have the latest Best kite gear available for demo. The latest techniques utilize the best equipment developments and hands on training methods. Maui Sports Unlimited caters to every level of rider, from beginner to advanced. We offer the most complete and comprehensive kiteboarding courses available and we will get you kiteboarding confidently and safely, in the shortest amount of time possible. Our lessons are taught as private lessons, so we will pace the lessons just for you. We make the learning process fun.

Our school is located at the world famous "Kite Beach Maui" with near perfect kitesurfing weather conditions year round. Maui has more kitesurfing days per year than any other kitesurfing destination in the world. Our summer season, May through September, has consistent trade winds blowing daily. Our winter season brings us big north swells, which are perfect to practice wave riding.

If you are short on time, try our 1 day Kite Introduction program. This lesson is a perfect way to experience kiteboarding for the first time! This lesson gives an overview and introduction to the sport of kiteboarding. Covering many of the essential skills, you learn about wind direction and site selection as well as flying the trainer kites and honing your kite flying skills on land and in the water. We show you how to use the kiteboarding harness so you can fly with more power and with only one hand. We show you board handling skills and the basics of the water start. This introduction lesson covers lots of safety protocols, including emergency stops, and kite recovery. You will learn how to use the safety systems and do self-rescue procedures, launching, landing and water relaunching the kite. We supply a range of the latest Best kites in all sizes and a selection of board sizes and styles to accelerate the learning curve. With our hands-on techniques, you will be in the water within 30 minutes, learning on-water kite handling. The “intro” lesson can also be the first installment in any of our longer courses, so you can decide if you want to upgrade at any time. No previous experience is required, but you must be comfortable in the water, and be able to swim. Students with previous watersports experience and board skills will learn even faster because our lessons are taught at the student’s individual pace. All of our lessons are taught one instructor to one kite, giving you the maximum safety and attention.

We have a range of different lesson packages, or you can go along day-by-day. If you have the time, we highly recommend the 10 day package. This program is becoming extremely popular and includes 30 hours of private kiteboard instruction spread over 10 days. This comprehensive course gives the students a solid foundation in the sport of kiteboarding. This course is the fastest way into the sport of kiteboarding. All of the basic skills from the shorter courses are covered, including equipment handling, kite-control skills, launching and landing techniques, safety systems and ride-safe protocols. Students then progress to planing, riding and jibing, as well as upwind riding skills. The increased ride-time enables the student to hone their skills with constant feedback from the instructors, creating the most rapid progression possible. Our instructors can ride beside you or caddy your equipment. In this unique course, we do down-winder coast runs, and utilize alternate launch sites and beach locations. This course is great for someone who wants to take the sport of kiteboarding home with them, or wants to begin a kitesurfing world tour.

For more information check out the website at: www.mauisportsunlimited.com

Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii

Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii

Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii

Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii

Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii

Best Premier Kiteboarding School Destination: Maui Hawaii


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