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The speed clinics for are slated for Saturdays May thru September, They will be held at the event site of the series, Kanaha Beach Park at the "Old Girl Scout Pavilion", also known as NAISH BEACH, from 12.00 noon to 5.00 pm. "This clinics are for newcomers to GPS speedsailing, returning racers from last year's series, and anyone who like go sail fast.

We cover sailing techniques and tactics to achieve the highest speeds possible. Participants should rig up prior to the noon start, then the course will alternate between short theory lessons on the beach and speed sailing exercises on the water. Participants  progress will be measured with the same GPS "V-Max" speed units as used in the series and will be "a great opportunity to tune up and go faster", says Erik.

In 1988 Erik Beale was the first sailor in history to break the 40 knot barrier, he is the only member of the legendary "crossbow killers" who still speed sails. His most recent achievements include his British national record of 42.62 knots set in march 04 at the Masters of Speed and the highest speed award for the 2005 Navman speed series, 39.3 knots tied with Anders Bringdal. Erik continues to be one top Speed Sailor in the Maui Speed Series.

(For more information on the GPS V-Max Speed events go to http://www.mauispeed.com)

Participants should have all their own equipment, lifejacket or impact vest.  A helmet is recommended. Participation is open to anyone on any gear. The GPS "V-Max" speed measuring units are supplied. Private coaching from Erik is also available.


To register for this speed clinic, please call 808-280-7060 or e-mail speedclinic@mauisportsunlimited.com Please include your name and contact phone number. Or Drop in to the Maui Sports Unlimited lesson center at 22 Alahele Place (in Kihei Marketplace Kihei).

Numbers are strictly limited so please register early.



   May thru September

   *Private Clinics by Arrangement



Call to make a reservation - (808) 280-7060

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