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The team of coaches at Maui Sports Unlimited has an enormous amount of coaching experience from very diverse areas of sport and regions of the globe. The goal of this team is to provide the highest quality personalized service and to help facilitate the learning experience of their students in a safe, positive student centered manner.
Suzie Suzie Johnson
Surfing, Stand-up paddle-boarding, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding. Suzie is an IKO certified Kiteboarding Instructor, Travel and activity enquiries and a storehouse of local knowledge. Originally from Seal Beach California Suzie has always loved the beach lifestyle. Suzie's family brought her to Maui every year since she was seven years old. She first tried windsurfing in Hawaii in 1985 and fell in love with it. Suzie moved to Maui after college and has never looked back. Suzie runs the Ladies Days for kiteboarding and personally oversees all of the Kid's Camps and summer programs.
Nique NIQUE VETROMILE: "Not only do I windsurf in the summer in one of the best spots in the world, but I spend my falls, winters and springs in Aspen Colorado skiing, horseback riding, biking and of course going to school.   For me windsurfing is a privilege, but for some it is a lifestyle. I started sailing tandem with my dad when I was 3 years old. Now I sail short boards, eight footers. I like to go fast, race in slalom buoys and even sailed in on a five foot wave. I love windsurfing and will sail till I drop". *Nique is a student and returns to Maui each summer to help with Kids camp.
She is a windsurfing instructor, camp counselor & coach. Kristen was a graduate of the Summer Kids camp Program, and grew up windsurfing on Maui. She is also a student on the mainland studying Marine biology, and she comes back home to Maui each summer.
He is a windsurfing instructor for 6years, & comes to Maui each summer. Derek is always either teaching or sailing.
Ray Ray Managan
He is a windsurfing instructor in summer, and a student by winter, He is a popular kids camp councilor and is adored by the kids. In his spare time ray is an avid photographer.

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