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Learn to windsurf with Maui's friendliest windsurfing school. We offer all levels of windsurfing lessons for you and your entire family. Total beginners will start on the Longboard lessons learning all the basics and sail handling skills. Our friendly instructors will teach you how to sail, and how to "read the wind". The beginner lessons are scheduled in the mornings when the wind is lighter. We use small sails that are easy to lift and manage. We have small sails for kids as young a six, and every size for the bigger riders.  Longboards are big floaty boards that are very stable and easy to use. They make it possible to be up and riding on your very first lesson. After a week or so on the longboard, you may want to try the some shorter boards in the stronger winds.

Learn to Windsurf:
When learning we use big floaty boards that are very stable and easy to use. Including the "Starboard Go" widestyle boards, and the HiFly Revo Long Funboards that are easy to ride. These stable easy boards make it possible to be staying up and sailing in your very first lesson. We have a range of Sails to use, to suit different size sailors. Our sails are lightweight and very user friendly.

BEGINNER WINDSURFING: Learn to sail across the water turn around and sail back to the beach. We start with a short land lesson and then into the water to learn the basics. Our supoer stable boards make all the difference.  We want calmer conditions and less wind so we prefer the morniongs. Beginner lessons usually start at 9am. All equipment included. 2.5hrs/day 9am-11:30am Monday thru Saturday.

INTERMEDIATE BEGINNERS: If you have windsurfed a few times or dozens of times on lakes and longboards, this class is for you. Small groups or private lesson are available. We supply your equipment, We can cover many pre-shortboard techniques, including Beach Starts, Jibes, Harness, and Tacking. Elementary high wind skills like the footstraps and harness too. (No harness or footstraps before 11am) Learn more advanced turning and steering techniques. All equipment included, 2.0hrs. 

Kids Windsurfing Camps: All Summer long we run our famous weekly Kids Windsurfing Camps for 5-15yolds. These three-day Windsurfing Camps cover basics of sailing technique, theory, and more. Camps run Wed thru Fridays, 9-12noon, Advanced beginner Classes 12:30 till 2:30pm, Combine morning and afternoon camps for an all day activity. (byo lunch) advanced beginners welcome, all gear supplied. Click here for more info..

Advanced Windsurfing:
To go faster in stronger winds. On Maui we have plenty of strong winds, so it is a natural progression to move onto a shorter board. The key to riding the shorter boards is the "waterstart". The waterstart is a skill that catches the wind under the sail to pull you onto the board without having to pull the sail up yourself. Waterstart is a special skill that has a class all its own. The waterstart is sooo much easier to learn in a proper lesson. it takes a very long time to learn this skill by yourself. Once you have the waterstart, it opens the doors for high wind sailing, and all the other shortboard skills, harness, footstraps, jibing, and jumping.


WATERSTARTS: To enter the world of short board windsurfing the waterstart is essential. We teach this specific skills in a single 90minute group lesson or over several lessons. Waterstart Skills are essential to get onto the short boards for high wind sailing. A must if you live in Maui. We start these lessons around midday when the wind is stronger. (No shortboards are allowed to be on the water before 11am). We recommend wearing a life jacket for buoyancy.

SHORTBOARD SKILLS: Beyond waterstarting and before the jibe there are many skills to be learned. The shorter boards are more sensitive to weight shifts. We work on sail handling, Beach Starting, planing, mast foot pressure, stop jibes, footstraps and harness use. These skills can be combined onto a single overview  of the skills or separeted into several specialized sessions. We usualkly recommend a transition style board for this lesson 295cm boards of 120-150liters will be ideal. All the basics of shortboard riding, Foot straps, harness use and getting on a plane to name a few. this is definitely an afternoon lesson because we want some decent wind to counterbalance our sails. Before planing and harness skills are mastered it is better to have a slightly larger board and a smaller sail size.

JIBING: Shortboard Turns take a coordination of sail and board control. The downwind turn doesn't have to be a mystery. With our step by step lesson plan, we can unlock the secrets and teach you how it's done. Whether you are trying it for the first time or you have struggled for a while - we can help you. jibing Lessons are taught from shore for first time jibers. We do so land lesson, and theory, followed by some on water exercises. Advanced jibers and upwind sailors can do a sail along lesson , where our instructors sail alongside you, demonstrating the perfect jibe track and timing. jibe lessons are 90minutes to two hours per session. Bring your board or rent from one of our selection of transitional shortboards.

WAVE SAILING: Add some gravity to your sport and Experience the ultimate thrill windsurfing has to offer. Let us guide you onto your first wave. We start on land with the land lesson, gear check, and review. We discuss impact zone survival skillz, and the wavesailing session strategy. Then we do a ride along lesson with our senior instructors, starting at the edge of the wave zone, and work into some wave catching and riding. Call ahead for specific gear recommendations.  Basic wavesailing and advanced skills can be taught in these sessions. 90minutes minimum.     ADVANCED WINDSURF PHOTO GALLERY

JUMPING & FREESTYLE: Basic jumping, wave jumping, air jibes, willy skippers, 360's, Spins and vulcans. (looping for the advanced sailors) Jumping & Freestyle windsurfing is our specialty. book a private Freestyle or jumping lesson with our experts. Set your windsurfing free!. We can schedule your freestyle sessions with one of our senior instructors. Some moves are a specialty. We give you the skills to put together some of the best moves. Any inverted aerials like forwards and loops a helmet is required. bring your own bump and jump boards, and be sure to get the additional ding insurance if you are renting your gear. Some spins and advanced moves will require several sessions of instruction. Our instructors can recommend a sequence of moves to learn in the most productive order. Combining several basic skills is usually required to master the more advanced maneuvers.

SPEED SAILING: Summer Speed Sailing Clinics will be running every second Saturday From May thru September. Run by two time world record holder Erik Beale. Clinics run at Kanaha Beach, numbers are limited so early Reservations are required. Click for more info.

RENTAL BOARDS ARE AVAILABLE: For all Advanced Lessons. Rentals are Same-day or 24hours. So you can warm up before your lesson, or practice what you have learned after your lesson. Roof racks are supplied. Delivery are available by arrangement for an additional fee.


LOCATION: Our lessons are held at Kanaha Beach Park, on Maui's north Shore. This beach is a premier windsurfing location, Famous around the windsurfing world. Kanaha has something to offer every level of windsurfer. Click here for directions to Kanaha Beach. lessons also available in Kihei by request.




Beginner Windsurfing Lessons  $89/person 2.5 hours  Our most popular lesson. Excellent if you enjoy a group-learning environment.
Intermediate Windsurfing Lessons  $89/person 2.0 hours  For the lightwind sailors between first timers and pre-Waterstarters. Excellent if you enjoy a group-learning environment.
Private Beginner Class  $120 pp 2hour 
Private lessons are best for those who want a one on one learning experience.
Semi Private   $80 per hour pp (max2) perfect for sharing an experience with your spouse, family or friends. (max of 2).
3-day Windsurf School (group)  $265 pp 2.5hours/day 
A longer course lets you master the basics, AM group lessons, all gear supplied.
5-day Windsurf School (group)  $399 pp 2.5hours/day 
A longer course is better for becoming an independent boardsailor. AM group lessons, all gear supplied.

Private Advanced    $79 - $99 per hour
best for those who want to do some advanced skills in a private setting.


Waterstart Class $89- 90minutes, byob.
Private Lessons   $79 -$99 per hour
Recommended for most short board teaching scenarios.
Semi-Private  $75 per hour (each)
If you have a friend or companion at the same learning level this could work for you.


Summer Kids 3-day Windsurfing Camps $195 pp 
8:30am to 12:00 noon Wed thru Friday. Kids 5-15yrs.
Click here for the Kids Windsurfing Camps Page.

Saturday Clinics for the school kids $69 pp 
8:30am to 12:00 noon Saturdays. Kids 5-15yrs.




Call to make a reservation - (808) 280-7060

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