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Photographs by Harry Wiewel

The Windsurfing Diva Club was started by parents Linda Stott and Denise Vetromile to promote the sport of windsurfing among girls ranging in age from 10 to 16 years old.  The club meets once a week at Kanaha Beach Park (Wednesdays).  Guest speakers are invited to provide the girls both land-based and on-the-water lessons. 
Linda Stott: "I meet with the girls every Saturday (winter months!) and they are very much enjoying their time on the water. The purpose of the club was to gather the girls together, to practice together, each motivating the other. Since being able to waterstart is a requirement, it pushed some of the girls to achieve this skill, to gain entrance to the club. In the "club" format, they could meet at least once a week, frequently with a female pro sailor (Junko Nagoshi, Jennifer Henderson, Nori Hubbs, Annick Violette, Arjentino), to inspire them to achieve the levels that are possible in this sport." Also Robby Seeger and Josh Stone did show up to push the girls. Push them to work harder and develop skills quicker, always being excited who will be the first to pull off a new move.

The club is based on Maui, the girls meet at Kanaha Beach Park most of the time. Having started as a club of eight and with ages ranging from 11 to 14, Linda and Denise hope to attract even more girls in the future. Linda: "We made wonderful Diva ID cards just for fun and all bought pink rashguards after a bake sale at the Hawaii State Championships." Good idea: The girls made enough money selling cookies to buy 12 rashies. Time management seems to be one of the main challenges, though. With school, soccer, ballet, cheerleading and plenty of homework projects, the girls are sometimes just to busy for scheduling playtime.

No problem after all: "When I`m windsurfing and the wind is in my hair, I feel free," Windsurfing Diva Club member Kanza Stott explains. "I like to fly over the waves and break through the silky waters. Windsurfing is a great life lesson because it teaches me to have patience with myself."

Anyone who is interested in joining the club - even if just in Maui for a short while - is welcome, the only requirements being the waterstart and own gear. Info: divas@mauisportsunlimited.com



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