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Maui Sports Unlimited is a full-service *County Permitted Kiteboarding School, dedicated to safe and professional kiteboarding lessons and our ongoing ocean sports education programs. More Info…    Click on any of our Booking Buttons below to see more options and the Schedule/Calendar. *Choose your date and time, and then you will be able to select your lesson options.

Kids Kiteboarding Lessons

We now teach more kiteboarding lessons to women and children than ever before. The new equipment has become a lot safer with depowering kites that give you the ability to “stop” whenever you want. And now you get to choose how much power you want, a lot or a little! This means the nowadays you don’t have to be super athletic to kiteboard and you can ride according to your fitness level and stamina. This has allowed older people to come into the sport and enjoy the thrills of kiteboarding at their individual level. Whatever your background, and experience level, we can now create a program that is tailored to you, and can teach you the sport without too many stresses or strains.

3-Hour Class $255 +tax pp

Introductory Lessons

Trainer Kites & Ground School: When trying kiteboarding for the very first time you can learn skills quickly on the land with the help of specialized trainer kites. These Kites help you master all of your fundamental kite control, skills including steering, stopping, emergency, power, takeoff/landings, assisted launch skills and more, we call this first stage “ground school”. The Trainer kites are not like the kites you flew as a kid. They are steerable power kites that function as simulators of the full-power traction-kites that you will be using next, to give you the simulator effect to learn the skills you will need on the water. Our trainers can be quite powerful, with about one half to one-third of the full power kites you will be using later. During the ground school, you will learn about the wind, steering theory, some safety skills, and visual communication that we will be using in the water. While flying the trainers you will be assisted and guided by your instructor who will give you vital feedback and information. This course covers the kite safety systems as well as the kite flight theory. This training lays the foundation for all the skills that are to follow. This is also a great refresher course for the self-taught power kiter, even with some previous hands-on experience.

3-Hour Class $255 +tax pp


Beginner Lessons

Maui Sports Unlimited Kiteboarding School -

LEI Kite-Flying: The next step we get onto the larger LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable Kites) and show you the power system. The larger kiter has more power, but they can be adjusted to vary the power you use. These kites are what we take into the water because they have the ability to float and relaunch from the water. These LEI kites are inflated with air so that they can float, and you learn how to relaunch them from the water. Once you have mastered all your LEI kite skills on land we go into the water and do some body surfing behind the kite. This is a critical phase needed to master the kite before getting onto the board. Body surfing (aka “body-dragging”) is lots of fun, and you really get to experience the feeling of power that the kite can produce. In this phase, you will learn how to fly the kite one-handed and body drag in control upwind in both directions. You will also learn the self-landing, and most importantly how to stop the kite (in an emergency) and depower it completely whenever you want. In this lesson, you will discover what kiteboarding has to offer. You will try the trainer Kite, do the ground school, get into the water with the body-drags, and have a go at the water start. This lesson offers you the best “overview” of the sport.

3-Hour Class $255 +tax pp, or 4-Hour Class $335 +tax pp

Multi-day Courses

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Basic Flying or upwind riding: A multiday course for a beginner, usually starts off with the trainer Kite and ground school, followed by the LEI depower Kite, Body drags, in-water flying, then we go to the board skills, some pre-waterstart, technique, first waterstarts, and first rides. Multi-Day Package Options: We typically go for 3hours per day, and offer 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, and 5-day packages. Book the course online, and then tell us your level when you arrive, we can tailor the lessons to any level. You can start a multi-day package at any kiteboarding level and progress. These courses are private so you will be able to tailor the course to you and work at your pace and cover the skills you need. We supply all of the necessary equipment. The cost of the gear during lesson time is included in the price. *Choose your start date and time, and then select one of the different multi-day options.

2-Day Class $495 +tax pp, or 3-Day Class $749 +tax pp

Maui Orientation Sessions

Maui Sports Unlimited Kiteboarding School -

If you already kiteboard and are visiting Maui for the first time, spend a couple of hours with us for some local knowledge. We will familiarize you with everything you need to know to make your kite experience on Maui safe and enjoyable. We will revise any techniques you are unsure of, update you on any new safety systems. We can launch and land you, give you tips and pointers, or ride alongside you on the water. Whatever you want – it’s your lesson.

 3-Hour Private Class $255 +tax pp

Skill Progression Lessons

Are you tired of short runs and a long walk back up the beach? Your learning curve will accelerate dramatically once you can stay upwind. If you can edge upwind then you are ready to learn to jibe turn and to jump. The ability to kite upwind and jump in control are essential skills for safe, fun experiences on the water. These lessons are also good as refresher courses if it has been a while since you did your last lesson. Our personalized instruction can help you to reach this point. Skills progression lessons can be scheduled any day. Advanced bookings are recommended. The cost of the gear during lesson time is included in the price.

 3-Hour Private Class $255 +tax pp

Advanced Skill Lessons

Clarissa_raley_kitebeach Maui Sports Unlimited kiteboarding school

As more people master the basics, there are lots of kiters that can benefit from an advanced lesson. We can teach a wide variety of techniques and styles in advanced lessons. These are taught as ride-along lessons with our instructors riding close to you. Whatever skills you want to master, we have a class for that. boosting higher jumps, speed-kiting, spins, aerial transitions, handle passes, kite loops, You may want to learn wakeboard style tricks, or maybe add the extra power and lift and maneuverability of a five-line hybrid kite. We can help you make a smooth transition into more advanced moves and gear.

 3-Hour Private Class $255 +tax pp

Our Location:  Our kiteboarding lesson programs are taught at world famous Kite Beach Maui which is on the western end of the Kanaha Beach Park. This North Shore location has the best wind for kiteboarding, and some long sandy beaches great for kiteboarding. Kitebeach is just 2 minutes drive from Kahului Airport. Click here for our Maps page.

Call to make a reservation (808) 280-7060