Learn to windsurf with Maui’s friendliest windsurfing school. We offer all levels of windsurfing lessons on Maui for you and your entire family. Total beginners will start on the Longboard lessons learning all the basics and sail handling skills. Our friendly instructors will teach you how to sail, and how to “read the wind”. The beginner lessons are scheduled in the mornings when the wind is lighter. We use small sails that are easy to lift and manage. We have small sails for kids as young as six years old, and every size sail for the bigger riders.  Longboards are big floaty boards that are very stable and easy to use. They make it possible to be up and riding on your very first lesson. After a week or so on the longboard, you may want to try some shorter boards in the stronger winds.

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Learn to Windsurf:

Beginner windsurfing lessons on maui with Maui Sports Unlimited windsurfing school.We give you the best gear possible to make learning easy. Big floaty boards that are more stable, including the Naish, and Starboard wide-style boards. With these
boards you will be up and sailing in your very first lesson. We have a range of Sails to use, to suit different size sailors. Our sails are lightweight and very user-friendly.

What to expect: In the beginner class you will learn about the wind, and the gear, how to launch the board, and how to sail across the water turn around and sail back to the beach. We start with a short land lesson to talk about wind, terminology, stance, and proper launching. And then we get into the water to learn the basics. Positioning, uphauling, turning, and power control and sail steering. We sail in a protected cove at the calmest end of the beach. When learning to windsurf we want calmer conditions, flatter water, and lighter wind so we prefer to schedule beginner classes the mornings. Beginner Group Lessons usually start at 9 am. All equipment included. 2.5 hrs/day 9am-11:30 am Monday thru Saturday.

What to bring: Bring your towel, sunscreen, and a drink. Wear a sturdy bathing suit, boardshorts are recommended. If you wear glasses make sure that they are securely tied on. We supply the reef shoes, jacket, and shirt. If you are sailing for a few days consider buying your own rashguard shirt and sea-specks (sunglasses), and booties. If you want to hang out all day at the beach bring a picnic lunch, and a cooler with plenty of drinks. There are no food vendors at the park.

   2.5hr Group Beginner: $99.00+tax pp. 

Small groups or private lesson are available. We supply your equipment, We can cover many intermediate techniques including; beach starts, basic jibes, planing, and tacking. If you have windsurfed a few times or dozens of times on lakes and longboards, this class is for you. Small groups or private lesson are available. We supply your equipment, We can cover many intermediate techniques including; beach starts, basic jibes, planing, and tacking. Elementary high wind skills like the foot-straps and foot-steering. (No harness or foot-straps allowed before 11am) Learn more advanced turning and steering techniques. All equipment included.

  2.5 hr Int/beginner: $99.00+tax pp.

www.mauisportsunlimited.comAll Summer long we run  Kids Camps for 5-15-year-olds. Our camp is the famous original that has been running since 1998 and it has sparked the careers of many professional watersportsmen and women.  Our summer Kids Camps run weekly through June, July, August.  The three-day Windsurfing Camps cover all the basics including sailing technique, wind theory, and more. beginners and advanced students are welcome. Students build on their skills each session and gain confidence in a social environment. Camps run Wednesday thru Fridays, 9-12noon. There is an extended afternoon camp for more advanced kids. As the wind gets a little stronger as the day progresses (byo lunch). Advanced beginners welcome, all gear supplied. Sign up for a day, a whole camp, or several camps. We offer these camps in three sports, click here for Surf or Kite camps: Click here for more Summer Camp info..

   3 day Kids Camp   $249.00+tax pp.

Intermediate Windsurfing:

Learn to go faster and Sail in stronger winds. And ride a shorter board. The key to riding fast is getting the board to “plane”. Then you start riding on top of the water instead of pushing water around. Once you Plane you will feel the sensation of gliding and acceleration, and you will be hooked. When planing you “footsteer”  the board like a surfer. Using the harness is the next skill to learn, so you can sail longer and use more powerful sails. The waterstart is a skill that catches the wind under the sail to pull you onto the board without having to pull the sail up yourself. Waterstart is a special skill that has a class all its own. The waterstart is so much easier to learn in a proper lesson. It takes a very long time to learn this skill by yourself. Once you have the waterstart, it opens the doors for high wind sailing, and all the other shortboard skills, harness, footstraps, jibing, and jumping.

  2-hr Private Lesson: $170.00+tax pp.

The waterstart skill is the gateway to the world of shortboard windsurfing. the waterstart is essential. The waterstart is often a barrier for many people because as it is not an intuitive skill that you can easily teach yourself.  Your instructor will troubleshoot your technique, and stop you repeating the same mistakes, or forming any bad habits. Your instructor is always right there with you, helping and coaching so that you learn faster. Waterstarts are taught in private 2-hour sessions. Learning waterstarts may take a few lessons. We schedule waterstart lessons around midday when the wind is stronger. We recommend wearing a life jacket for buoyancy. This Waterstart lesson includes some land-based theory, and then into the water for some skills training.

  2-hr Waterstart Class: $170.00+tax pp.

Ride a Shortboard windsurfing lessons. Sail handling, beach starts, planing, jibes, footstraps, harness. www.mauisportsunlimited.comBeyond waterstarting and before the jibe there are many skills to be learned. The shorter boards are more sensitive to weight shifts. We work on sail handling, beach starts, planing, counterbalance, stop jibes, footstraps and harness. These private lessons can be in the form of a combined “overview” of all of the shortboard skills,  or separated into several specialized sessions focusing more on each individual skill in turn. To fully master all of the basics of shortboard riding, foot straps, harness, planing, you should book a series of sessions. We have 3-day and 5-day packages available. Shortboard sessions are always scheduled in the afternoon because we need some stronger wind to counterbalance our sails. For the harness skills sessions, it is better to have a slightly larger board and a smaller sail size. *Gear not included in this lesson. Bring your own board or Rent a board from the store. We usually recommend a floatier “transition style” board for this lesson 295cm boards with 120-150liters will be ideal.

  2-hr Private Lesson: $170.00+tax pp.

Shortboard Turns (Jibes) take a coordination of sail and board control. The downwind “Jibe” turn doesn’t have to be a mystery. With our step-by-step progression, we teach you how to master the Jibe. Whether you are trying for the first time or you have started learning it, we can help you. Jibing lessons include some land lesson theory, followed by some on-water exercises. Advanced jibers and upwind sailors can do a “sail-along” style  lesson, where our instructors sail alongside you.  Our instructors will demonstrate the perfect jibe, to show you the ideal “track and timing” and then give you immediate feedback and tips on your performance in real time. Jibe lessons are taught as private lessons, 2 hours per session. *Gear not included in this lesson. Bring your own board or Rent a board from the store.

  2-hr Private Jibe Lesson: $175.00+tax pp.

Advanced Windsurfing:

WAVE SAILING, windsurfing in the waves lessons, private classes, and clinics. Add some gravity to your sport and Experience the ultimate thrill windsurfing has to offer. Let us guide you onto your first wave. We start on land with the land lesson, gear check, and review. We discuss “impact zone survival skillz”, and the wavesailing session strategy. Then we do a ride along lesson with our senior instructors, starting at the edge of the wave zone, and work into some wave catching and riding. Call ahead for specific gear recommendations.  Basic wavesailing and advanced skills can be taught in these sessions. 2hr minimum. *Experienced sailors only. *Gear not included in this lesson. Bring your own board or Rent a board from the store.

   2-hr Advanced Private: $170.00+tax pp.

JUMPING & FREESTYLE, Basic jumping, wave jumping, air jibes, Willy skippers, 360's, spins and Vulcans. Jumping & Freestyle windsurfing is our specialty. We recommend that you book some private Freestyle or jumping lessons with our experts. www.mauisportsunlimited.comBasic jumping, wave jumping, air jibes, Willy skippers, 360’s, spins and Vulcans. Jumping & Freestyle windsurfing is our specialty. We recommend that you book some private Freestyle or jumping lessons with our experts. Set your windsurfing free!. We schedule you with one of our senior instructors that can teach these advanced skills. let us know what you are working on, as some moves are a specialty and only taught by a few specific instructors. We give you the skills to put together some of the best moves. Any inverted aerials like forwards and loops a helmet is required (inverted looping is available for the advanced sailors only). Bring your own bump and jump boards, and be sure to get the additional ding insurance if you are renting your gear. Combining several basic skills is usually required to master the more advanced maneuvers. So we recommend booking several sessions when learning spins and similar advanced moves. Our instructors can put together a personalized training program for you to help you achieve your goals. *Gear not included in this lesson. Bring your own board or Rent a board from the store.

  2-hr Advanced Private: $170.00+tax.

*Gear not included in Advanced lessons. Bring your own board or Rent a board from the store. Rentals are required for all Advanced Windsurf Lessons. Rentals are available Same-day or for 24 hours. (So you can warm up before your lesson, or practice what you have learned after your lesson). *Gear must be pre-booked and picked up from the store before the lesson. Please Note: There is No Gear rental Available at the Beach. Gear must be rented from the Store in Kahului, then brought down to the beach by the customer. When you rent Roof racks are supplied, and the store staff will help you load it on your car. At the beach, the Instructor can help you rig if you desire.

LOCATION: Our lessons are held at Kanaha Beach Park, on Maui’s North Shore. This beach is a premier windsurfing location, famous around the windsurfing world. Kanaha has something to offer every level of windsurfer. Click here for directions to Kanaha Beach.

Call to make a reservation (808) 280-7060